Posted on by July 18, 2017

Many small businesses are uncertain about whether or not they should be maintaining a blog or news feed on their website. We think it's so vital to the success of your online marketing strategy, that we rarely, if ever, build a site without a blog.

Here are nine reasons that your business needs a blog in order to succeed online.

+ Improves search engine ranking: SEO is king! Google and other search engines love, and reward fresh content. They are increasingly considering blogging and social media as factors upon which to base your company's ranking. Recent changes to Google's algorithms as it pertains to blogging should be reason enough on its own -- even blogging once a month taps into this opportunity.

+ Increases traffic to your website: A blog that is well integrated into your website will result in an increase in visits. This, in turn, should see your page views, hits, and email subscriptions rise over time.

+ Generates sales leads: Your blog gives you the opportunity to position your brand carefully and guide your target audience to understand your unique offering more deeply than with static web page content. This means sales leads from your blog are usually higher quality and more likely to purchase than cold visitors to your home page.

+ Brand exposure: Blogging, and sharing your blog posts on social media, gives you brand exposure in multiple places on the web. This has the inevitable result of exposing your brand to more people.

+ Creates new business opportunities: The increased visibility you can enjoy from maintaining a blog, as well as your perceived value as an industry expert, often brings you new business partnerships and attracts others.

+ Great bang for your buck: Blogging is an inexpensive way to generate sales leads and achieve your marketing goals. The cost per lead generated by blogging is up to 62% less expensive than traditional marketing techniques. By paying an outside contractor to manage your blogging, you can ensure your blog is keyword-rich and maintains a high standard. Even this can be extremely affordable.

+ Creates expertise: Positioning yourself and your company as a thought leader in your industry or niche is huge in terms of brand recognition, exposure, and creating loyalty. Blogging is the ideal platform to establish your company as the expert on a particular subject matter.

+ Opportunity for education: Your blog is a good place to educate your clients and prospects on what you do. A website is up and running 24/7, giving you the opportunity to communicate with clients even outside of your regular business hours. It also globalizes your company as it can be accessed anywhere. By strategically using video, your prospects can interact with you while you're busy serving clients.

+ Long-term business growth: Quite obviously, generating more, better leads inevitably increases sales. Over the long term, your business will grow and see an increase in sales and average sales value. Positioning your company as a leader will naturally draw in new clients and referral business

Still don't have time to blog?

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