Posted on by January 4, 2019

New Year, better habits 

Being designers we know how tough it is to kick old habits, but we also know how important it is to be open to growing and learning, so that's why we compiled a list of 4 things designers need to kick to the curb in 2018.

Now that 2019 has begun, we know there will be handfuls of goals set for the new year, maybe a few were to eat healthier or to cut back on the beer consumption etc… whatever your goal is, let's hope you can stick to it past the end January.

Forgetting your target audience

It can be hard to leave your creative comfort zone, but at times it's needed and you need to understand that being a designer is to design for the likes of the customer. It all comes down to compromising and not forgetting who you're designing for.

Pretending you know it all (you don't)

Even the most famous designers don't know everything there is to know about design, and that is why you should never assume that you know the answer and the best possible outcome for a makes you look like a know-it-all. Being open to criticism and learning new things is so rewarding and it helps you better understand situations for the future. Also, try actually listening to the likes and dislikes of your clients, as opposed to thinking what you designed them is 100% perfect (you may not know their business, as well as you think you do).

Forgetting to go home

Sleep is NOT for the weak...Time to get up off that uncomfortable office chair and go home! Working all through the day and night is not good for your health, let alone your eyes. It's always recommended to give your eyes a 2-hour break from your phone/computer screen before you go to bed.   As much as you may not want to stop working on your project, or you're on a time constraint, you need to sleep, you'll have to leave your creative element eventually. If leaving the office at the end of the night is not an option for you, try going for an hour walk around your town, to clear your mind and rest your eyes!


We think 2019 should be the year of "white-space", meaning we think it's time to focus on harmonizing white space or blank space within a design project. Clutter is a big no-no, and maybe having an overly bright and vibrant web page should be left for the 90's. As long as you're listening to the needs of the client, try to stick to minimal themes and not overly colourful hard-to-navigate designs. Less is more, always!


As an agency, one goal we have for 2019 is more blogging! It's an important way to keep up with thoughts and ideas! Check out our blog post 9 Reasons your biz should be blogging for more info!