Posted on by January 26, 2017

"I still don't see the new updates you've made?" This is something we hear all the time from our clients! So we thought we'd share some tips with ya'll!

Are you having trouble seeing the new updates you've made to your website?  

Are you getting frustrated that you have just spent 2 hours making amazing updates and adding all new photo's only to not have them render to your new site? 

Just take a deep breath, count to 10 and.....clear your cache and delete your cookies! 

Clearing your cache and deleting your cookies will allow you to see the most current files. Furthermore, regular clearing of the cache will allow your browser to function more efficiently. 

+What is a CACHE?
Browsers store files (cache them) each time you access a file through your web browser. This allows the browser to retrieve files and images from the website each time you click back and forward.

+What are COOKIES?
No..not the yummy kind your mom makes with chocolate chips...A cookie is a file created by a web browser, at the request of a website. It is then stored on your computer. These files store user-specific information such as authentication data, selections in a form, and shopping cart information.

This is the log of the sites you have visited. Each time you press the back button you are moving back once in the history.

+TECH TIP - If your not sure which browser version you are currently using, you can visit to find out!

We guarantee that if you follow the instructions we have below, for the browser you're using, you will see your updates in real time! And...your browser will thank you by becoming more efficient! 

To clear your CACHE -  CLICK HERE for Instructions with steps and screenshots  for; 

Chrome v10+
Chrome v1 - v9
Safari for iOS, iPhone and iPad
Safari for Mac OS X
Safari for Windows
Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 7
Firefox 4
Firefox 30+
Firefox 33
BlackBerry 6.0 

+REMEMBER!! Deleting your browser's cache is NOT the same as deleting cookies. 

To delete your COOKIESCLICK HERE for Instructions with steps and screenshots for;
Chrome on Desktop
Chrome on Mobile
Safari on Mobile
Safari on Desktop
Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 8: New Toolbar
Internet Explorer 7

To delete BROWSING HISTORY - CLICK HERE for instructions with steps and screenshots for; 
Internet Explorer