Posted on by December 18, 2018

One of our primary Content Management Systems (CMS) we use here at A3 - AlpineCMS, released its latest version to the public just last week. And, it’s packed with tons of great new features that will help us continue developing awesome websites for our clients. We wanted to highlight some of the biggest new features that make a real impact on the way we work.


Mailchimp API Integration: Mailing Lists

AlpineCMS now has support for MailChimp built right in! This new API integration allows for the ability to manage your mail lists straight from AlpineCMS. You can now view, edit, add, and delete your email lists through Alpine, and it will automatically update on the MailChimp client as well. This is super useful because it minimizes the need to flip back and forth between platforms to manage your email marketing.


yellow mailchimp logo


More Settings on Google Analytics Dashboard

With the latest update, more settings and data information are now available on the Analytics dashboard on AlpineCMS. Alongside being able to view data about what pages your users visit or where your users are located - you can now view when they visit and how your active users are trending over time. This type of data is super useful to see what time of day your users are viewing your site and how frequent active users are visiting your site. Viewing and understanding analytics data is important to better understand your users and allows you to make better decisions and adapt your business to fulfill user needs.


google analytics graphs

There are so many other great features packed into this update (v 2.3) - and we’re looking forward to utilizing them all to develop websites faster and more efficiently. We’re eagerly awaiting AlpineCMS’ next update which is scheduled to release on December 26th, and it brings even further amazing MailChimp integrations (like being able to manage marketing campaigns from the CMS! WOW!), the ability to customize the order and names of admin panel menu items, and the ability to set custom restrictions for admin users.

AlpineCMS is one of the few amazing platforms A3 Creative uses to bring websites to the online space, and we’re enjoying using it more everyday! These updates not only help us craft websites better, but they also help our clients when it comes to managing their site after development. Win win!