Posted on by November 30, 2018

The beginning of the end

We will begin to attempt to write this in the way that everyone will understand...but March 26th, 2021 is pretty much the start of the zombie apocalypse for all Adobe Business Catalyst users. Adobe will put a halt to their hosting of existing sites on BC (Business Catalyst), leaving many people in scrambles to download all of their data and begin migration well before 2021. We've been Adobe Business Catalyst Partners for the last 8 years, and while we were saddened by Adobe's BC End-of-Life announcement, as it was our preferred hosting solution, it has also given our agency a chance to look at more, modern, progressive Content Management Systems. So, while this is the beginning of the end for Adobe BC, it is the start of something amazing for our agency and our clients! There are options out there and we are here to help.

Migrating to CMS

Not to worry...we have a great deal of experience with Adobe Business Catalyst and have been moving sites off of Adobe BC quite successfully. As stressful as it is to completely migrate every site built on BC, we have been working hard, and have utilized a variety of different web hosting platforms to suit any custom requirement or budget. From start-up to large-scale, custom, API-base enterprise solutions, we have a system that works for you and your business. All of our websites are built using the latest and semantic web best practices and all of our preferred hosting solutions have a variety of e-commerce capabilities to suit any budget. 

At the moment, we are working with 5 different Content Management Systems (CMS) which are platforms that facilitate creating, editing, organizing and publishing content. While we understand that there are other CMS Platforms out there, we take great care in making sure that we only work with the best CMS Platforms. Below is a list of our preferred CMS platforms that we now work with.

  • NordicCMSperfect for those that want super fast, easy, and affordable desktop and mobile editing capabilities.
  • AlpineCMSperfect wanting to custom build, but also future-proof their website.
  • Shopify - an e-commerce platform, sell in multiple places, including web, mobile, social media, and more.
  • Site Glidea Powerful Scalable Web CMS Platform for managing your business.
  • Word Pressopen source software you can use to create a beautiful responsive website, blog, or app.

Some projects we've worked on with a few of our new, preferred CMS's.


Lewis Winch on Shopify

This new website features all of the bells and whistles but more importantly offers a variety of amazing Sales Channels to maximize their ROI. This new responsive, e-commerce (Shopify) site is loaded with a ton of features including a custom multi-currency cart (on IP address), easy to update Admin, custom dealer list, a new responsive email newsletter and so much more! Utilizing a new, modern “liquid” technology, we were able to deliver all requirements and include so many more add-ons! The team at Lewis Winch is super stoked on how functional and easy to use Shopify is!

Poco Physiotherapy on NordicCMS

Utilizing our very own NordicCMS as the Content Management System, we developed a beautiful looking, device responsive website for Poco Physio. Their new website features super-easy to update content sections and blocks, a mobile app for uploading images, as well as making page edits and new blogs on the go. Their new website also boasts an impressive 99/100 Google Page Speed Test result, which helps boost their overall organic SEO ranking.



Lone Tree on AlpineCMS

With our new AplineCMS (Content Management System) This new website features a Responsive Website Design showcasing Lonetree’s various high-end renovation projects, an easy to update gallery, custom web-forms and more!

Is your website hosted on Adobe Business Catalyst?

If so, we can help! We have a great deal of experience with Adobe Business Catalyst and have been moving sites off of Adobe BC quite successfully. Contact us for more details.