Posted on by October 5, 2018


As we see businesses growing to fit with the ever-changing and demanding needs of consumers, we think it’s super important to go back to the roots and original concept of ‘the design’, and how ‘the design’ is meant to be a way of communication within a community; something that is meant to stand out...but how does Illustration fit into that?

Having a business, a team, or even a freelance job, being open to new modes of communication is crucial…because without creative change, there is a lack of growth within a business. We think that by integrating different modes of craft in one place, there is totally space for development! By unifying crafts such as illustration to something like graphic design, you are keeping old traditions current. Allowing for super powerful designs, better development, and smarter more engaged designers! Different creative processes working together will ALWAYS heighten an outcome of a design.

Local Integration

The Vancouver and Lower Mainland area does not fall short of graphically pleasing advertisements and public art. Many companies are focusing on getting their information out to the community by honing in on specific aspects of the business to integrate illustrations or hand-drawn images into graphic posters or websites.

Living in an ever-changing and fast-growing city, we notice that sometimes there is a lack of communication between consumers and companies, therefore we believe that the integration of local artists with corporations and their means of selling products or teaching the public, not only allows for a better visual understanding but a sense of connection to the idea that we are all seeing and processing the same visuals.

Van Aquarium

Take the Vancouver Aquarium for example...who ‚Äúneeded a new branding campaign, but had no new exhibit to talk about‚Äù. They decided to focus on some of the Aquariums ‚Äúlesser known creatures‚Äù to bring to the spotlight. So they hired Katie So, a local Illustrator to interview a handful of children who had been interested in these ‚Äúlesser known creatures‚Äù. They described the animals in detail to the artist who in turn developed some intricate and creative creatures for the Aquarium to brand towards the public. The Aquarium had then created transit-wraps for busses and skytrains which were paraded through the city, as vibrant and colourful as ever.

Vancouver aquarium illustration


Emily Carr Illustration Students x TransLink

Another example of seamless local integration is TransLink and a handful of Emily Carr Illustration students who were asked to design an image to correlate with the top five transit etiquette issues for the 2018 campaign...

-People standing in front of doors, blocking others from exiting and entering, people who don't take their backpacks off on transit, those who put their feet on the seats, people not moving from priority seating for people who need them, and putting belongings on seats beside them, preventing others from sitting.


These are issues that need addressing, and to collaborate with art students to illustrate the totally allowed for the students to get their work out there, but for transit to also connect with the public a little better.  We love the use of the bold graphic text of these transit signs, but find ourselves super intrigued by the illustration even more. The mix between the two traditions of design is great, and this is why integration is so important!

If you or someone you know is looking to collaborate with a local illustrator for one of your projects, check out our in-house artist Asha, who is also currently attending Emily Carr University of art + design, majoring in Illustration!