Complete Branding Solution including new logo, visual identity, new responsive website and continued SEO support for the leading Cannabis Drying solution.

DHydra Technologies provides a portable, affordable, scalable and on-site technology solution for harvesters and growers, wanting to reduce crop waste and find more value in the crops they harvest. Vacuum Microwave Dehydration (VMD) enables the grower / processor to rapidly dry product without negatively affecting its integrity or its yield.  This is a brand new company and we were tasked to help create a name, logo, branding materials and a new website.

Services we provided DHydra Technologies


Client Testimonial

The A3CS team was tasked to deliver a full branding solution which included a new company name, logo, & custom responsive websites for us. They also got us started on social media! They delivered! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the A3 Creative Solutions team and we are excited to continue to build on our business relationship.

Some details about this project:

The team at A3CS was super excited to get involved with this new company and the newly emerging Cannabis Industry. The vacuum RLT technology is ground-breaking and we were stoked to be part of their journey right from the start! With many strategy and discovery sessions, we finalized a logo, branding standards, new print and sales assets, and a brand new responsive website. As well, we also help with their Digital Marketing including reporting, Daily SEO updates and Social Media!

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