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Graphic design done right, by experienced local designers

Creating synergies between design, print and the digital world for all mediums and sources. The team at A3 Creative Solutions can pretty much handle any Graphic Design task, including flyers, catalogues, posters, custom illustrations and more! We also offer a variety of Creative Retainer Services. It's like having a virtual designer. Our Creative Retainer Packages can be customized to suite your business needs. Our packages include: Priority Service & Shorter Turn Around; Priority Service over Hourly Rate Clients; Updating, correcting or creating new HTML content; Image scanning, optimization and adding more images to your website; Graphic Design Work (i.e. Logos, Catalogues, Flyers, etc.); basic IT work; Social Media Marketing and much more!

Logo design or re-design? No problem!

We design logos for companies, organizations & more. At A3CS we design logos that will visually express and communicate that your brand, is unique, memorable, and timeless to support your brand initiatives. Furthermore, we make sure your logo is practical, simple and adaptable.

A few logos we've designed..

  • Logo design process

    Our logo design process is a collaborative effort between our team and you, the client.


    Our team will meet with you to discuss your brand, branding preferences, visual identity and to basically get to know more about you, your business and your "vibe".


    After we have finished up the discovery session, and we have a general idea of what you are looking for, we begin to do some research. This includes reviewing your current industry, your competitors, and a review of similar industries.

    Brainstorming & Mood Boards

    Ok, we got the initial research & discovery phases completed, now the fun begins. Our team will be begin to brainstorm some mood boards. We want to make sure we are falling in line with your brand vibe, while "recommending" an overall brand mood. This part of the process also brings in some initial color swatch concepts.

    Sketching & Draft Designs

    With all of the above confirmed, our team will begin the process of sketching (pencil sketching or tablet sketching) some logo concepts. At which time, we will loop you in when we are getting close to developing some homerun "sketches".


    You now have a few sketches that you like, and we are now ready to start developing them into a digital design. Depending on your logo package, we will send you iterations of your logo in various colourways for you to review. This is the time we narrow the designs down to 1 or 2. Once you have your top 2, we encourage you to loop in your co-workers, friends, family, etc to finalize your logo choice. It is always great to get more opinions. However, the final decision is always up to you!


    Awesome, you've approved your logo. Our team will then export your logo in a variety of formats, final colourways & knockout versions, and send you a zip folder will all of the files. Depending on your logo design package, this zip file may also include your branding identity/style guide package.

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