Responsive Website Design & Development for local Film Liaison Company

Freeman Film Locations Ltd is a professional group of highly experienced filming supervisors specializing in the operation of filming locations on behalf of the owner. Whether offering your home, your property, empty warehouse, business or institution, wilderness site with Freeman Film Locations Ltd on your side you as the owner of the location can rest assured that your engagement with the film industry will be performed professionally safely and with the attention to your requirements being upmost in everyone’s mind.

Services we provided Freeman Film Locations


Freeman Film Locations has been in business for over 20 years, and it was time to promote their company on the world wide web! So, after our initial discovery session, the team at A3CS went to work on their brand new responsive website. Hosted on our AlpineCMS Content Management Platform, their new aesthetically pleasing site features a film location gallery with category filtering, as well as other easy to edit areas! Like with all of our websites, this newly launched custom-designed website has all the necessary SEO rich semantic markup to help their brand become 'found' on the web.

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