TreeplCMS a modern, robust content management system

TreeplCMS provides you with all of the features you need to create a custom responsive, modern, flexible website. TreeplCMS is our branded CMS, which is a self-hosted SaaS.

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A Flexible CMS

Treepl's high level of flexibility makes it the perfect CMS for both low and high complexity projects and by putting you in charge, you’ll stay in control and you’ll take more pride in your project which will also mean that you’ll actually enjoy working on it and update it more frequently. TreeplCMS is perfect for those looking for the ultimate, custom designed website built on a modern, future-thinking SaaS hosting solution.

TreeplCMS at a Glance

  • Built for the modern Responsive Web
  • Responsive Admin Interface
  • OSE Editor (On Site Editor)
  • Liquid Engine
  • Develop Custom Modules
  • AMP Optimized
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Build your website from scratch, or use one of our 10+ templates
  • SSL Included
  • Developer access API integration/cababilities
  • eCommerce
  • Hosted on AWS with a 99.99% uptime.
  • Mobile Site Editing
  • Unlimited Pages, Snippets & Custom Modules.
  • A modern replacement for WordPress.

If you are looking a robust content management system, one that can adapt to the modern web, is super flexible, and client-centric & customer-centric, then TreeplCMS is for you. If you are interested in taking a tour of TreeplCMS, please email us. We have a collection of amazing ready-made templates available. Typically TreeplCMS websites (with content provided) take between 4-6 weeks to produce.


Website projects built and hosted on TreeplCMS

Below you'll find a collection of website projects built and hosted on TreeplCMS. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

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Since no project is the same, and everything we develop is from scratch, the prices we show are typical starting price points for projects. It's more of a starting point to see if we are within your budget.

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CMS & Hosting Fees for TreeplCMS

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