Project: SenezCo

Custom, Responsive Website Design & Development + SEO Support for global Fire and Building Code forensics.

Dedicated to science, Senez Consulting’s focus on providing better fire engineering solutions for products, buildings, and forensic analyses provides leading direction on complex matters; facilitating stakeholder assessment and decisions. Through a combination of continuous technical advancement and forward thinking, the status quo is merely a launch platform for imagination, creative and critical thinking, combined with science and engineering as key tools to achieve results. The team at A3CS were super thrilled to be working with Senez on their website re-design.

The new responsive website features all of the bells and whistles including: custom search module, new custom team bio section, custom contact form, icon design and much more. The website is also fully optimized with the latest SEO markup.

A few images from the project.


Details about this project:

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